David Edwards


(Abraham Lincoln students prepared biography for the 2017 ALHS Hall of Fame Induction program)

David (or Dave) Edwards graduated from Abraham Lincoln High School in 1973. He has a passion for his business, family and faith.

After graduation, Mr. Edwards didn’t waste any time. He started working at Union Pacific Railroad. After about six months, he began selling cars at McIntyre Oldsmobiles and Cadillacs. Mr. Edwards considers himself lucky to have been able to work alongside Bob McIntyre and Tim O’Neal as they mentored him as a young salesman. As he worked his way up through the organization, he bought a percentage of the dealership that is now known as Edwards Nissan. Although the Oldsmobile brand is long gone, Mr. Edwards still owns the place where he first started working selling cars. He was able to do that with his passion for his business.

His family consists of his wife, Jodi Edwards, who he met as a junior at Abraham Lincoln and never let her go. They have five children, four of whom are married, and a total of 19 grandchildren. They are all living in Council Bluffs. Out of their five kids, two have bought into the dealership.

Mr. Edwards has done so much for our community. He served as chairman of the Iowa Independent Auto Dealers Association. He has also volunteered in Des Moines and Washington DC, focusing on the issues that have to do with improving the car industry. One of his main focus areas is to bring improvement and pride to Council Bluffs as well. He served for many years on the Council Bluffs nonprofit Industrial Foundation, founded in the1950’s. The foundation buys and develops land to make it fit for industry, and in return, brings jobs to Council Bluffs and the surrounding community. Through the foundation, he was instrumental in bringing Google to Council Bluffs.

Mr. Edwards also served as a bishop in his church for more than nine years, and was recently named stake president.  Mr. Edwards not only express his faith through his church, but also through his business, family and community.