Kids & Company Benefits for Parents

  1. Unlimited access to their children and the Kids & Company program during the center’s hours of operation, unless parent contact is limited by a court order. Parents may visit with the director about concerns related to their child or the program.

  2. Parents are informed regarding their child’s behavior in Kids & Company.

  3. Parents are informed promptly if their child does not arrive at Kids & Company according to his/her enrollment information.

  4. Parents are regularly informed about the Kids & Company program by the site director regarding activities, enrichment opportunities and general information via SchoolCare Works, Facebook, site newsletter, face-to-face conversations, the Kids & Company web site, text message system, and the family fun calendar.

  5. Kids & Company strives for all parents/guardians to be satisfied with our program. If a parent or guardian needs assistance in any area, Kids & Company will search for other programs within the school environment and/or AEA to help.

Registration and Billing

Before School M-F and After School M-F Enrollment Options

These two enrollment options are best for families who will need before school care, and/or after school care all or most days of the week. Kids & Company operates on a weekly flat rate for Before School (M-F) and After School (M-F) Monday enrollment options. Families are billed $29.50/week per child for every week school is in session. Families will pay the same weekly rate for every week that school is in session (not including Winter Break).

Rates have been reduced to account for out of school days. For example, rather than paying the full weekly rate for regular weeks, and a prorated rate for weeks that school is not in session, we have deducted all out of school days and reduced rates accordingly. This change provides families with a consistent weekly bill and reduces chance for billing errors.

After School Flex

This enrollment option is best for families who need after school care once or twice a week, and/or or need flexibility from week to week. Families may use Kids & Company services any day after school, and will be billed $11.00/day per child based on attendance, with a 1 day per child minimum weekly charge.

Full Days

This enrollment option is available to families who need child care during out of school days. Kids & Company offers full day child care services on most out of school days. Full Day coverage is optional, and families are billed $24.00/day per child, in addition to before and/or after school care. During out of school days, including snow/cold days and holidays, several Kids & Company sites are clustered into one location for full-day childcare services. In preparation for planned out school days, such as holidays, Kids & Company will send out reminders 2-3 weeks in advance, and ask families to pre-register for childcare services. Full-day services carry an additional fee, which will be billed and charged to your auto-pay account.

Quality Rating System

All Kids & Company sites are licensed by the Department of Human Services, and voluntarily participate in the State of Iowa Quality Rating System (QRS), which was developed to raise the quality of childcare in Iowa, to increase the number of children in high-quality childcare settings, and to educate parents about quality in childcare. There are five levels to be earned in succession. Each level requires providers to meet rigorous training, environmental, and programming criteria.

Quality Ratings by Site

Bloomer: 2
College View: 2

Crescent: 2
Edison: 3

Franklin: 3
Hoover: 2

Lewis & Clark: 3
Longfellow: 2

Roosevelt: 2
Rue: 3